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Which vehicle pioneered the method by which all others are now created? Which vehicle was the first to offer affordable, reliable cars to the people? Which vehicle is synonymous with the idea of enterprise, hard work and success? Of course, you already know it’s Ford.

With a legacy that spans over 100 years, and an impressive history of powering through hardship, driving innovation and doing everything to produce the best vehicles on the market, it is no wonder that every savvy customer chooses a Ford.

The lineup offered by Ford today is, as always, in step with the times, and boasts a wide variety of vehicles including SUVs , sedans and sports vehicles, enough options to suit any taste. Come in to discover what a Ford can do for you, by test-driving an Escape, an Ecosport or a Mustang at Carman Ford - the best Ford dealer near Elm Creek.

No Pressure

Our sales team doesn’t work on commission, which gives you a pressure-free sales experience.

The Carman Commitment

We’re proud to offer lifetime powertrain coverage on our new and pre-owned vehicle.

Tell a Friend or Family Member!

Our referral program gives you $250 for every vehicle purchase and $50 for every Collision Centre referral.

Why Choose Carman Ford

Improving Then, Now, and Always

From the onset, Henry Ford set himself a formidable task - to make automotive construction, and therefore automobiles as a whole, more affordable. The tradition of goals that seem out of reach is still with us today, and our Ford dealership near Elm Creek is proud to continue achieving the impossible and continuously setting the new standard for outstanding vehicles.

Every Ford for Every Life near Elm Creek

First, you want something flashy - a Mustang, which you trade up for something responsible and fuel-saving - the Fusion, and when your family expands, you choose safe, roomy vehicles - the Escape. Finally, when your kids are grown up, you can return to your first wild love, and get your gorgeous Mustang back. We’re with you at every step of your life.

Driving Through a Legendary Legacy

You have the chance, like many before you, to take on the most legendary of all muscle cars - the wild and energetic Mustang. This gorgeous, sleek, powerful sportster has evolved throughout the years, boosting its performance and updating its style, but the untamed heart that beats within it remains the same. Buckle up for a spectacular test-drive at Carman Ford.

Your Options Are the Best at Our Ford Dealership

Entering the most amazing Ford dealership near Elm Creek, you’ll see all of our exceptional Ford vehicles. You may want to test-drive them all, but we recommend a consultation with us first, so we can help you choose. No matter your decision, you’ll leave our lot driving an outstanding Ford.