The Carman Commitments

Powertrain Coverage That Lasts a Lifetime

Most new and pre-owned vehicles that we sell include a free Lifetime Powertrain Coverage. For however long
you own the vehicle, we’ll cover the powertrain (engine, transmission and All Wheel Drive system) for life.
What’s the catch? You simply do the recommended maintenance with us and we’ll stand behind the products that
we sell. It’s that easy.

No Admin Fees

We believe that exceptional customer service extends to every part of the business, including the paperwork.
Other places may charge you additional fees for doing basic administration, a fee that can range from
hundreds to even thousands of dollars. You usually don’t find out about them until after you’ve agreed to
purchase a vehicle. We call those fees “admin fees,” and we don’t think that’s fair. That’s why we don’t
charge you for them.

Non-Commissioned Sales Staff

Our sales staff don’t work on commission. Instead, they’re all paid as a team. This means they don’t worry
about the individual sale, but rather, they’re focused on finding you the best vehicle. You also have an
entire team here to help you, with all their combined experience and expertise, not just the one salesperson
you initially talked to.

Largest Inventory On The Prairies

Carman Ford is a part of the Driving Change Automotive Group, which has the largest inventory of new and
pre-owned vehicles on the Prairies. This means that when you have your heart set on something specific, it
gives you the best selection to choose from. If we don’t have it, we can get it!

Greater Used Vehicle Options

We’re not just a pre-owned centre for Fords, we sell every make and model. If you are looking for something
you don’t see in our inventory, just let us know and we can find a vehicle that fits your needs and budget

Full Inspections and Reconditioning

Our pre-owned vehicles are fully inspected and reconditioned so you can drive away with total peace of mind,
knowing you’re driving a safe, reliable, and quality vehicle.

30-Day Exchange Policy

Feel 100% satisfied every time! In the event your needs change or you’re not happy as you could be with the
vehicle you purchased, just bring it back and exchange it for a different one within 30 days (for Pre-owned
vehicles only).

Half-Price Oil Changes for the Lifetime of Your Vehicle

When you purchase a pre-owned vehicle from Carman Ford, you receive half-price oil changes for the lifetime
of your vehicle. This helps to keep the cost of maintenance low on your vehicle.

Free Towing For Up To 100 KM Outside The City For Life

In the event that anything happens to your vehicle, including things like flat tires, dead batteries, or
mechanical breakdowns, we’ll tow your vehicle to the dealership for free if it’s within 100 km outside the