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New & Used Ford Fusion for Sale in Manitoba


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Lowest Price: $24,640
Lowest Price: $20,999

Why Choose the Ford Fusion?

With the Ford Fusion, you’ll have an exceptional car with a style guide that stands out and addresses the modern and classic nuances of what makes driving a Ford great all at once. With the Hybrid option also disrupting the segment with its advanced features and quality core, there’s more to love about the Fusion lineup than ever before. Join the team at Carman Ford today and test drives the model that connects the most with your driving needs from here on out.

Ford Fusion Manitoba


We want you to get back out there and explore the world with a sense of security that has earned the Ford brand the high esteem that it definitely deserves. Meticulously developed and carefully designed, the Fusion is a perfect example of a vehicle where everything has come together to form a truly impeccable driving companion. Work with the team at Carman Ford and find the one that suits you. After all, we want you to love what you drive and we truly believe that the Ford Fusion for sale in Manitoba is a car worth taking a look at and testing out. With available Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane-Keeping System, Blind Spot Information System, and much, much more, you’re going to find what you’re searching for on the Fusion.


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