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2020 FORD Escape Available Now

What's New for the 2020 Ford Escape?

The 2020 Escape is redesigned from the ground up. It offers a new set of trims and a hybrid line The new model boasts it's safety, and driver-assistance technology compared to the previous generations.

The 2020 Ford Escape is still the perfect family getaway. Okay, we’ll stop with the cheesy puns. But even the new look from its predecessors, this compact crossover still hit the streets, with three new versions that carry the spirit of the Ford Escape for years. You can find the new 2020 version and the Hybrids here at Carman Ford, ready to chauffeur Manitoba families to wherever their next adventures lie.

The SUV hatchback that seats five, the new 2020 Escape bridges the gap between the RAV4, and the stands out with the Ford Edge. In the language of fairy tales, the SUV can be classified as “just right.” Available with 4WD to conquer challenging winter conditions, and a now-standard rearview camera to make mall parking a breeze, the Escape is clearly furnished with high-quality materials, giving it the feel of a more expensive car. Just a word of warning: your standards of what you require in a vehicle may be forever raised from here.

To test drive the 2020 Escape, come visit us at Carman Ford. Our selection of great Ford vehicles makes us worth the trip from anywhere near the Pembina Valley.



Dealer Price
Fuel Economy ( L/100km)
8.6 city / 7.1 highway
$32,000 - $33,000
8.6 city / 7.1 highway
8.6 city / 7.1 highway
10.4 city / 7.5 highway
Titanium Hybrid
5.4 city / 6.3 highway



Latest Ford Escape Deals


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